Recapping the outback bowl,plus recruiting: florida gators podcast

Andrew Spivey and Nick en Torre break lower the way the defense performed on Monday, plus how Randy Shannon’s play calling was.

Andrew and Nick also break lower the most recent news for that Gators recruiting efforts following the Under Armour game and just what to expect into it in The month of january for recruiting.


Nick: What’s happening, Gator Country podcast listeners? We’re back. Travel. Andrew’s just a little sick, but he’s powering through it today. We’re getting back with an off-season schedule. We’ll have podcasts rising Tuesday and Friday. Only one now, after which we’ll return to that regular schedule following the weekend, and we’ll have the ability to discuss that championship game happening Monday.

Andrew: Yeah. We’ll return to that Tuesday, Friday off-season schedule that we’ve always had for baseball/softball and recruiting and all sorts of so good stuff. So we’ll start back with that on Tuesday and return to that. Busy since we’ve last spoken a week ago. Had the Outback Bowl. Had some recruiting stuff happening, and we’re finally back settled into our very own beds.

Nick: I went 16 days without over sleeping my very own bed. I believe I had been on the highway for any little over two days.

Andrew: Can’t complain an excessive amount of, aside from returning home and, as if you stated, being sick. That Tampa weather was rough. Someone explained it had been 103 in the game was the temperature on Monday.

Nick: First day’s practice i was all like, “Oh man, it’s hot.” Like 90 levels. Second day’s practice it’s hot again, and from nowhere it’s freezing. You appear, leave Orlando, and you’re like, “What the heck?” I’m like, “I have no idea, man. I had been sweating yesterday, and I’m freezing today.” We visit practice for interviews, and somebody examines me and it is like, “You do not have a jacket?” I had been like, “I is at florida. I did not require a jacket. I did not pack with this.Inches

Andrew: Exactly. Let’s return to the Outback Bowl a bit. Nick, it had been what we should type of mentioned all along. It had been a game title Florida needed to win, plus they did. Surprisingly, for me personally, well, I suppose I can’t still refer to it as an unexpected, since the defense performed well, also it would be a situation where it a lot of youthful guys that performed and did well. Chauncey Gardner winds up being Outback Bowl MVP from the game, and, Nick, I believe he demonstrated what we have spoken about since watching him within the Under Armour game, and that’s the guy’s a person. Corner, nickel, safety, wherever it might be, the guy’s a person.

Nick: I do not determine if I’m prepared to say corner. Love him at safety. Love him at nickel. I believe he’s a lot like a Duke Dawson where put him in individuals spots. I do not determine if he plays corner the coming year. He may need to. See what goes on after Signing Day, but simply a person. He’s a football player, and that’s what you’re bothering is the football team is much better for those who have Chauncey Gardner onto it.

Andrew: Yeah. I believe the factor, Nick, that’s the reason that I’ve been high on him, even at corner, may be the speed he demonstrated off, and also you pointed out this in my experience within the press box on Monday. As he caught that pick, and wasn’t nobody catching him. Nobody was catching him.

Nick: No. I believe I stated it for you. I had been like, “He may be the fastest player around the team, hands lower.” He caught that pick, coupled with to create a couple people miss, but when she got in it there have been a few guys that may have experienced angles on him, and that i stated, “He’s gone. He’s the quickest player in the game at this time. No one’s catching him.”

Andrew: Yeah. I believe that’s a factor that’s there. We are able to the DBs loses their guys, but Chauncey Gardner could be the guy that’s that face from the DB program, or position, moving forward. We talk constantly about his mouth, and that he likes to run his mouth, as Coach Mac states. He’s a man that’s like this, but he backs up. He’s performed well. He performed some nickel. He performed some at corner, and that he performed some at safety. Throughout he did well. Christian Garcia, the walk on linebacker, performed well. Vosean Frederick were built with a great game, after which Marcell Harris is constantly on the show up. I believe we happen to be stating that. You’re still putting on a Braves hat from your little bet beside me on Keanu Neal, but better late than never, and Marcell’s playing his best ball.

Nick: I believe the coming year, you pointed out Chauncey, I believe he may be the face from the program moving forward, however i think the coming year, with Duke Dawson returning, and exactly how Marcell Harris has truly performed, I believe that’s the face area of the defense the coming year. Another guys are simply youthful, and they’ll be. Chauncey, David Reese, Vosean Frederick.

Andrew: Kylan.

Nick: Cece Jefferson, Kylan Manley. There’s lots of guys. Jabari. There’s a lot of youthful talent, and I’ve stated it. This really is my 4th season, so 3 years consecutively I’ve stated, “Florida’s defense will worsen the coming year, due to what they’re losing.”

You appear at what they’re losing. You’re losing Tabor, most likely Brantley. He hasn’t announced yet as we’re carrying this out, but most likely Brantley. Davis, Anzalone, Bryan Cox, Joey Ivie, Marcus Maye, Quincy Wilson. You’re losing eight, nine guys who, Joey Ivie, I do not determine if I stated that already, but eight, nine guys who’re starters on defense you’re losing. According to what you’ve seen lower the stretch, you have youthful guys playing due to injuries. I do not determine if I’ll state that Florida’s defense requires a take a step back the coming year.

Andrew: The only real position that’s really concerning in my experience is defensive tackle, which is…

Nick: I’d say corner too, simply because you’re going to need to depend on freshmen. Not to imply the freshmen they’ve arriving aren’t gifted. Exactly that you’re going to need to depend on freshmen. Nickel you have secured. I believe safety you have secured. It’ll be interesting to determine, since you get Nick Washington and Marcell Harris back the coming year. Where do you turn with Chauncey and Duke? Like I stated, Duke will explain he is able to play the 3 positions. Chauncey will explain he is able to play the 3 positions. He is able to play quarterback, running back, punter, kicker. He’ll let you know everything. So, it’ll be interesting to determine how individuals guys shake out, since i think you most likely finish up departing individuals two seniors back there at safety.

Andrew: I’m believing that you’re going to need to begin with Chauncey and Duke at corner. I am not big on Duke playing corner. I love him more inside, however i think that’s whom you begin with. For me personally, outdoors of Jachai Polite, Taven Bryan began playing a bit better. Khairi Clark has his moments. It’s only for me this is where it’s. You’re going to check out a man just like a Kyree Campbell, who’s the prep school guy that’s already in class. You’re going to check out him to help you get some playing time too. So, for me personally, this is where I’m at. So far as the defensive finish goes, Sherit returning. Jabari returning. Personally i think like you’re okay there. Cece too there. I simply be worried about inside.

Nick: Yeah. Who will you be searching at now? It’s likely to be …

Andrew: Jachai, Taven, Khairi.

Nick: Jachai’s performed lots of finish though.

Andrew: Yeah. I believe he’s a man that is a …

Nick: He’s so surprising in my experience, because prior to the year, I’ll call myself here. Prior to the year you stated, “Jachai looks good. He looks big.” I had been like, “He appears like he’s in poor condition,Inches and he’s a large dude. Generate income saw him playing around, and the pursuit really, I believe I first viewed it against FSU. I first viewed it within the SEC Championship game, and that i first viewed it within the Outback Bowl. His pursuit, he doesn’t play just like a guy that’s, he’s most likely 330. He doesn’t play just like a guy that’s that big.

Andrew: He’s a grown man, and someone who I wouldn’t wish to fight within the roads. To visit the offensive side from the ball, it’s tough that i can state that they improved, since it was the bowl game and quarterback situation was still being iffy. Goolsby had an up and lower day. He still can’t block the wind if he’d to. Mark Thompson finally constitutes a participate in the game, and Jordan Scarlett still does what he’s done all along. So, all that was good. Tyrie were built with a catch hanging around, and Callaway did okay hanging around too. In my experience though, we are able to discuss that we would like. Quarterback situation the coming year continues to be up in mid-air, to me the bowl game on offense type of means nothing.

Nick: Searching in the stats at this time. Iowa had more first downs. Iowa ran for additional yards. Florida absolutely passed for additional yards.

Andrew: It’s type of tough to check out the stats a bit though, since you had the pick six hanging around, and so the one quick scoring drive. Tough an excessive amount of to check out that, but I’m just saying it’s tough that i can say, “Okay, you’ve seen enough around the offense,” because we got such a quarterback playing the coming year.

Nick: You got such a quarterback playing the coming year. Personally i think proficient at running back. I feel happier about receiver than I’ve since I’ve covered this team, with two guys. Take a look at Swain. Take a look at Hammond. I figured Freddie Swain had that nice little pitch and catch. That which was that? 24 yards. I feel happier about wide receiver than I’ve since I’ve been here the final 4 years. Offensive line I believe Personally i think good too.

Andrew: Outdoors of left tackle, that’s an issue mark of, I believe we are able to agree it’s likely to be Martez Ivey, after which my question mark is does which means that Fred Johnson’s your beginning right guard, with Jordan your beginning left guard? Any line with Fred Manley scares me, and also you lose Cam Dillard. He transfers. I am not sure that’s a large loss, since i don’t think he performed. I believe he lost his job as he got hurt. As great of the guy he is really, and he’s an excellent guy, TJ type of required that place from him.

Nick: Yeah. Cam’s an excellent guy. He’s likely to graduate following the spring semester, and individuals type of get mad about this. Remember, people got really mad about Cody Riggs.

Andrew: Right.

Nick: As he left. You have to keep in mind, these kids, this option, these youthful adults, they’re students. Many students consultant would let you know, “Go to a new school for graduate school.”

Andrew: Right.

Nick: It’s like, whenever a school will get a graduate transfer, “This is excellent.Inches When someone out of your school really wants to go elsewhere it’s like, “Why is he quitting on his team?” He’s just likely to play his this past year elsewhere.

Andrew: You have to keep in mind too, with Cam, he’s a man which has adopted, and it is married, and it is from, both him and the wife are generally from Michigan. Maybe it’s a way for them to obtain a little nearer to home, and begin continuing to move forward. It’s likely to tough for Cam to experience at a higher level, so allow him to get his degree and begin continuing to move forward.

Nick: Yeah. The inside lines are really likely to, in my experience you’re going to need to take a look at, exactly what does Brett Heggie seem like? I believe that’s truly the big one, because you have Heggie, Jordan, McCoy, and Manley as four guys immediately that may play individuals three spots.

Andrew: You have to keep in mind too, the brand new early enrollee, Kadeem Telfort. He’s a tackle too, could play inside at guard. So, maybe he finds a method to enter there. We always discuss it, so we can discuss it a bit now, and that’s that they’re looking to get the transfer rule altered so Florida may take in certain grad transfers. In the event that ended up being to happen, maybe they’re going obtain a guy that come in and play pick up around the offensive line. It’s still a wait and find out approach, but maybe they are doing have that, and they’re capable of getting anyone to are available in and fill, since i think we’re both here stating that we’re feeling good on four from the positions. You’re searching for either that left guard or right guard, based on in which you play Tyler Jordan at.

Nick: Yeah. That’s really the problem is that you have four. You determine a different one, and you think you’re all set. Gator fans, I understand, are looking forward to Waany, but at some stage in the rear of their mind you have to help keep thinking like, “Man, do not have that sophomore slump.” I have seen it. I have seen it for too long now.

Andrew: He type of began to struggle a bit in the finish of the season. We didn’t discuss it a lot, and that he didn’t play bad. I am talking about, we perform a mountain from a molehill, but he did begin to struggle a bit more inside, and that’s all due to teams see him on tape, see what his habits are which type of stuff. That’s something he needs to enhance, and it is nothing bad whatsoever. I still think Waany’s an excellent player, and will probably be a vibrant place for Florida moving forward, but he continues to have to enhance.

We type of saw that a bit with Martez this season. At the outset of the entire year Martez was battling greater than all of us expected him to, and that’s a bit while he wasn’t modifying. He still wasn’t just a little healthy, that sort of stuff, and that’s another thing with Waany is Waany’s likely to continue to go into better shape, so when he is doing that that’s going not only to help him in the pass game blocking, but additionally having the ability to exercise from the run game situation.

Nick: Will we just feel happier about the offense in general, though it wasn’t great? Right?

Andrew: Yeah. I am talking about, the factor is, Personally i think like we discuss this every off-season, but find us a quarterback, and i believe the offense is ok, but until you get a quarterback I do not know. People still say, “Does which means that you aren’t at the top of Franks? You aren’t at the top of Trask?” They haven’t performed. I am talking about, they haven’t. They haven’t performed. The final time I saw Feleipe Franks is at the military All-American game early in the year game, and that he didn’t look great. Before we had Kyle Trask early in the year game he looked okay, but it is not Alabama. It isn’t Tennessee. I have to view it.

Nick: Reached view it. Not likely to view it for some time, however, you reached observe that. To be sure. Every other takes in the bowl game?

Andrew: Was very excited to determine the team arrived on the scene and performed hard, didn’t lay an egg. Was very excited to determine that.

Nick: I figured almost without a doubt, and that i couldn’t let you know why, I simply had this sinking feeling that that’s what would happen.

Andrew: We lost Nick, and so i guess he laid an egg such as the team.

Nick: I believe I unplugged my headset here. I simply had this sinking feeling that which was the situation, that they are likely to lay an egg. I did not comprehend it, however it only agreed to be a gut feeling, plus they certainly didn’t. They required it to Iowa.

Andrew: They did. I’ll say this, which was I had been excited to determine that. I had been excited to determine that from lots of standpoints of Tabor and individuals guys heading out and succeeding hanging around, and merely ending the growing season on the right note. Joey Ivie stated this, he was like, “We desired to leave having a ring.” Props for you, man. That’s what these bowl games are suitable for. They’re for free however for that, to obtain an Outback Bowl ring, as well as an SEC Eastern Championship ring. I’m glad. I’m glad to determine it, and you’re feeling a lot better about things heading out on the winning note than you perform a losing note.

Nick: Yeah. Which was our big factor for that bowl game is don’t venture out, lay an egg. You need to alter the perception. I believe the offense looked good. The defense was fantastic. Defense was stellar, as they’ve been. So, in my experience, it’s type of just searching at made it happen alter the perception?

Andrew: I am talking about, you cannot really say until Signing Day really, after which heading in to the next. I am talking about, we’ll continue, and we’ll talk recruiting now. The large the first is Alex Leatherwood turning up at Alabama, and you may browse the story on the website. There is a backstory, and, Nick, you realize. You had been beside me all week a week ago and were hearing the backwards and forwards, also it really was close. It had been really close, but in the finish during the day you need to beat the snake.

I call Saban the snake, and, Nick, you realize me, and all of us fuss about this constantly. I love Nick Saban. I believe Nick Saban is really a phenomenal football coach. He may well be a bad dude, whatever. I’ve had the ability to meet him several occasions, and that i don’t have trouble with him. I love the man, but to be able to beat the snake you should be a snake, and Florida wasn’t the snake and didn’t win on Leatherwood. As easy as it’s. It stunk. We’re speaking in regards to a entirely unique perception today, on Friday, if Alex Leatherwood’s a Gator and never at Alabama.

Nick: Our entire offensive side from the ball that people just spoken about is Leatherwood’s your left tackle. Ivey’s your left guard. McCoy’s your center. Tyler Jordan’s your right guard, and Waany’s your right tackle. There it’s. That’s that which you got.

Andrew: Leatherwood’s your very best offensive lineman once he steps on campus.

Nick: I believe what might have helped Florida is that if they’d become an economic aid agreement signed, because Alabama getting so now means when Saban, or anybody, will get wind of Alex Leatherwood being type of near to Florida that phone fills up, plus they can call him up around they need.

Andrew: It’s tough, if they are doing that then, you know what? This means that if he would go to Bama, like he did, then they’re on probation. They lose at times, that sort of stuff. So, it’s tough there. I’ll function as the hard guy here, and that’s Florida had the incorrect people recruiting Alex Leatherwood. Nick, the number of occasions have I said this? Anybody on Florida’s campus aside from the guy’s recruiting him most likely lands Florida Alex Leatherwood. The number of occasions have I said that, Nick?

Nick: Express it again.

Andrew: I stated, the number of occasions have I said when Florida had anybody besides who they’d recruiting Leatherwood they get him? I’ve said that. I’ve stated that. He loves Mike Summers, but Mike Summers wasn’t callous enough to visit against Nick Saban. You needed someone callous going against Nick Saban to recruit Leatherwood.

Nick: I do not know for those who have that, however it only agreed to be, Personally i think like people don’t really know how close it had been.

Andrew: It had been close. I am talking about, heading into, he known as Saban on Sunday and would decommit. I am talking about, that’s what it really was, however, you should be callous. To maneuver on from him …

Nick: I believe the only method it might have happened, if could have been as an Alex Anzalone factor, where he never decommitted from Notre Dame, just demonstrated up at Florida. If Alex Leatherwood might have just proven up at Florida and registered for classes , if people didn’t realize that he what food was in the sport etc, if Alabama didn’t possess a need to worry, after which do what Alabama does, I believe you may be speaking in regards to a different ending towards the story.

Andrew: Maybe. That’s all I understand. Maybe. You should be callous. I personally don’t like to carry on saying it, however, you lost, and you’re second place here. This, and I’ll express it enjoy it is, this shit show of recruiting that is happening at this time doesn’t improve unless of course you begin winning a few of these battles. A man like Leatherwood changes everything, also it would be a miss. We are able to say, “Well, he was dedicated to Alabama with this lengthy, this lengthy.” You’d him that near to flipping, and also you didn’t switch. Reached.

You now move ahead. You appear at Tedarrell Slaton from American Heritage, and he’s a man that may play OL, DL. You’re searching at him. You’re searching at Kai-Leon Herbert, the Michigan commit. Tony Grey from Georgia. So, you have a number of options. Could they be Leatherwood good? No. However, you got a bit of options. I am talking about, Nick, the proof’s within the pudding here. You have to finish well on Signing Day. Try to get, you have to salvage these kinds, and that’s all it’s. It isn’t likely to top ten, and that’s disappointing, however, you got to find away out to salvage these kinds and improve your recruiting track of a few of these changes that will be coming, and aspire to win big around the trail in ’18.

Nick: Then there isn’t any excuse at that time, right?

Andrew: I do not provide them with a reason now. I am talking about, I realize the reasoning, but in my experience, after i take a look at some of what happen to be happening and a few of the reasons that they’re losing guys. We spoken concerning the James Robinson factor, about not recruiting simply because they were recruiting other guys. Henry Ruggs exactly the same way. It’s small stuff, and that i say this. Coach Mac is constantly on the say, “We have to build this program the proper way,Inches but that he’s speaking about a few of these things that’s happening here.

A few of these stuff that are simply type of going through the wayside a bit, and that’s nothing bad to say of anybody, but a few of these tiny problems. I am talking about, Nick, long. Tiny problems can lead to a large problem. Not speaking to some kid for any week hurts several things. You might say, “Well, he didn’t speak with him for any week,” but you know what? Alabama blew him up five occasions, or Florida Condition blew him up five occasions. This talent gap will get bigger each year. Sooner or later you need to say, “Enough from it.Inches Narrow the gap, and move forward, and should you not, you know what? You aren’t winning in the game.

Nick: It’s tough. Presently at this time you’ll still have only one place.

Andrew: I am talking about, I believe we will agree that people believe that changes, and, for Florida’s sake, for Coach Mac’s sake, for everybody’s sake, I really hope it will, since i have no idea that you simply got enough dudes within the company. I am talking about, we discuss Tim Skipper. We discuss Chris Rumph. We discuss Randy Shannon being great, but in the finish during the day individuals three guys can’t do all of it. I am talking about, we’re speaking about some stuff using the Leatherwood situation where should you have had a powerful OL recruiting guy he goes next.

Nick: Yeah. I defend Mike Summers, and everybody recognizes that I defend Mike Summers, simply because players love him. Sooner or later that simply must mean another thing. If he is not a powerful recruiter, that’s fine. You are able to have only certainly one of individuals within the company.

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