How can the florida gators reload on defense: podcast

Andrew Spivey and Nick en Torre break lower what it really method for the Gators defense once they lost several key players towards the National football league draft.

Andrew and Nick also discuss the nation’s championship game, as well as the latest all around the basketball team at Florida.


S1 What’s up, Gator Country? Your guy, Andrew Spivey, here with Nicholas en Torre. Nicholas, I do not what you think. I’m feeling far better. We’re, damaged schedule again a bit now, since the National Title. We would have liked to hang about until we’re able to discuss that, also it was a high quality one. It had been certainly one of individuals games which i think we’ll all remember for any lengthy, lengthy time, and props to Clemson.

S2 Clemson deserved it.

S1 Take the own guts.

S2 Deshawn Watson’s tweet from, It was 2012, was surfacing around, and that he authored, I suppose he or she must happen to be watching the 2012 game, but authored, “If I ever get the opportunity to experience in one of these simple games, then I will set off.Inches He’d an opportunity this past year. Didn’t really go lower the way in which he wanted it to, however it certainly went his way yesterday, and that’s instant classic game. No one’s ever return from 14 points inside a National Title game like this. Which was the biggest deficit to return from, and i believe I spoken for you about this. Type of were built with a sinking feeling that Clemson might have had the type of offense and the type of players so that you can do this, so that you can beat Alabama.

S1 Yeah. I do not what you think, Nick, however i was watching that game, as well as once they went lower 14-, I’m sitting here to myself thinking, “I like Clemson,” also it only agreed to be which i didn’t think, after watching the very first couple of drives realizing that simply really how bad of the passer Jalen Hurts is. I truly loved, I truly thought they’d a great shot at this. It had been interesting to determine. It had been certainly interesting to determine, but, as if you stated, the passing game that Clemson had using the big receivers is precisely the way you needed to attack. Should you be likely to beat Alabama, you’d to visit right in their DBs. You weren’t likely to win up right in front seven. You weren’t likely to run their way. You weren’t likely to run sideline to sideline against them. You’d to fight the DBs. Something Florida attempted, and Florida does not have the playmakers that Clemson does.

S2 No. I believe really what, we spoken about this already. Which was how you beat Bama. In the event that defense includes a weakness, it’s the cornerbacks, and also you got so that you can go their way. Does Florida have, to begin with, you can easily express it. Florida doesn’t have the skill players that Clemson does on offense, but it isn’t just getting the skill players. Leggett, the tight finish, made some good plays yesterday. You have Tay Scott, Deon Cain, Mike Johnson. Florida does not have a man that’s just like Mike Johnson. I do not think there is a guy that’s just like Deon Cain, after which what’s the former walk-on’s name? I’m blanking on his name at this time. Caught the winning touchdown.

S1 Hunter Renfroe.

S2 Hunter Renfroe. In my experience it’s type of, the main difference they’d was the quarterback, the man that can acquire the ball to individuals guys to benefit from that. They could run the ball a bit, however a big factor is they spread Alabama out, so when you consider the teams Alabama’s lost to, like Ole Miss, Ohio Condition, they run that disseminate offense, where you’re likely to make certain when Alabama’s going to try and steer clear of the run, then you have man around the outdoors, and this is where they’re weakest. So, Clemson could spread them out, get man to man situations, along with a little pig play that Joker Phillips guaranteed we’d visit a couple years back rather than saw.

S1 I believe the factor also to remember is that this, and that’s that Bama’s front seven is among, otherwise the, best we’ve seen, which means you needed to go quick. It was not going so that you can contain the ball. Florida had some, what little success they had against Bama was once they went quick game, and that’s type of what Clemson did too. You could see many of the little crossing routes to Renfroe. They could beat all of them with several screens to Deon Cain and also to Tay Scott, and that’s the type of factor you probably did.

I needed hitting this though, Nick, which is what, this is something which I believe all of us spoken about, but maybe haven’t spoken about, and that’s what Jalen Hurts did was he could give a running game for Bama, what he hurt all of them with was there isn’t any passing game. I believe which was over …

S2 That’s likely to be vital to allow them to fix approaching, because, we type of stated it before, however you hit some big plays, but apart from the pass he makes to OJ Howard, and it is not a good pass. May be the pass good? Yeah, but we could make that pass. He’s available. There isn’t any one within 10 yards of him. There isn’t any pressure. He’s available. You are able to overthrow that ball a bit. You are able to underthrow that ball a bit. You’re tossing to guy that’s 6’6” and most likely includes a 40” vert. You are able to throw that ball wherever. He’s likely to go lower and obtain it.

S1 Right, and that’s things i would say, but It would be a situation where they’re in a position to run the ball all year long, plus they could not need to toss the ball a lot, after which once they made it happen was there. I believe that’s something that will be considered a question mark moving forward, because it’s not just that Hurts doesn’t pass the ball well, but he’s so short, and also you could see that many hanging around, which was deflections. From the ends, from the tackles, from the linebackers.

I believe it’s a genuine problem moving forward on their behalf, and you consider a guy like Tua that’s arriving, a dual threat guy. You could see him within the Army game a bit, and he’s almost the very same factor as Hurts for the reason that he’s much more of a jogger than the usual thrower, and i believe that’s a scenario that’s likely to be bad. All of us love our dual threat quarterbacks that may move about a great deal, however when you consider a guy like Deondre Francois, he’s able to perform both. Is he nearly as good of the runner as Hurts? Most likely not, but he’s a much better passer, and i believe that’s something which despite Florida going lower with like Franks, for example, you make certain that you simply had a quarterback that may toss the ball.

S2 For me personally, searching at Alabama, Bo Scarbrough, which was their hot hands at this time, and that i know he wasn’t the starter to start the growing season, however when he goes lower together with his ankle injuries, they refer to it as a lesser right leg injuries.

S1 He broke his leg.

S2 He broke it? I did not even observe that today.

S1 Includes a damaged bone in the calf. Won’t require surgery, but yeah. Which was the level for me.

S2 Which was, and that he wasn’t the starter, but it’s type of they found the new hands, such as the Cubs, where Aroldis Chapman got hot late, and okay, yeah. If we have to question to obtain nine outs to shut the sport, he’s been hot, so we’ll question to obtain nine outs, despite the fact that we haven’t had to achieve that all year long. Bo was their guy. As he went the offense just didn’t look exactly the same, and Bama’s got five stars behind him, so it isn’t like they’d to create out a stroll-on when Bo went lower. It’s only a factor where he’s got the arrogance. They has confidence in him. The offense just didn’t look exactly the same once they lost Bo.

In my experience, people begin to talk. May be the Alabama empire done? No. They recruit too well for that Alabama empire to become done. Clemson’s only a better team, and Deshawn Watson may have been the very best player in the game yesterday.

S1 Yes. I heard that very same factor.

S2 Mike Johnson may have been the very best player, that catch he’d.

S1 Sick.

S2 Second to last, or third to last touchdown once they finally required the very first lead, as he rises, adjusts themself. There’s pass interference. That catch, that’s National football league stuff. That’s in a major way wide receiver one National football league stuff.

S1 Yeah, along with a pick play is really a pick play. It’s what it’s. It’s a part of football. That’s football.

S2 It’s a really little difference between pick and rub, and when we are saying, “Hey, that’s a pick play,” there’s rules against that. Now, should you say it’s a rub, but, I am talking about, to determine the dedication that Tay Scott been on it. Tay Scott just launched his body in to the defensive back, and that he has every to run his route. He’s designed to operate a slant, and delay pills work. You begin to question why don’t more teams run that? Additionally you begin to question, “Hey, it became of Bama inside a big situation, and so i can’t wait to determine how rapidly there is a rule against it that’ll be enforced in the future.Inches

S1 They ought to have run that play, that play must have been the Ahmad Fulwood special. He loves to block. Just saying.

S2 That’s your very best blocking tight finish.

S1 Yeah. As if you stated, the run isn’t over. They recruit too well, but I’m sure that they’re in a crossroads at this time on offense, since you ran off all of your quarterbacks that may toss the ball, Barnett, Bateman, individuals guys, and today you have Tua and Hurts arriving. You best repair it, and also you better repair it in a rush, since you take a look at, for me, their finest receiver in Calvin Ridley, and he’s a nonfactor hanging around. I am talking about, nonfactor. What? Three catches, In my opinion, hanging around? Only a nonfactor. So, I believe they’re in a crossroads of this, and we’ll see where which goes. You may be just like you need to defensively, however they do lose guys on defense. You’re in a crossroads. We’ll see where it is going moving forward with this, and we’ll also see where Clemson goes. You’re going with an misguided quarterback pick up, as well as lose Mike Johnson.

S2 That’ll be interesting to determine. They did just obtain the top 2018 kid. It is not going that will help you the coming year.

S1 Additionally they had the very best 2015 kid too.

S2 Right. It’ll be interesting, however, you lose a great deal just in Deshawn Watson. We’re speaking in regards to a guy who’d had the experience 3 years that has type of made they, and they’ve adopted his identity. It truly is, for much better or worse, the most crucial position in the game. So, I view it, and i believe you’re most likely likely to see some type of downtick.

S1 You need to.

S2 You’re likely to lose a great deal, but you’re really losing the engine from the offense.

S1 Right. You’re losing your life blood of this team. We’ll see where it is going. To proceed to Florida news, lots of bulletins. Guys departing, a few guys returning. Cam Dillard is transferring. So, lots of news. I’d say I am not surprised on any one of it, Nick. I felt like we understood, so we had stated all along, this would whether it is for Caleb Brantley. He almost went last season, had little else to demonstrate. Teez and Quincy, we’re confident they’re likely to be first round draft picks.

Alex Anzalone, we could not agree a bit with that, however i think in the finish during the day both of us realise why he went, and great for him. Duke Dawson, we were in complete agreement all along he should return to school. We’d heard there were some family people wanting him to visit. Personally, i think he earned the very best decision for themself. David Sharpe, good riddance. That’s concerning the best factor I’m able to say. Marcell Harris states he’s returning to school. He never was going anywhere.

S2 No. There have been keep surprises away, therefore if Duke Dawson might have become an initial to 3rd round grade, he’s gone, which is sensible. I do not think she got that grade, for this reason he’s back. Marcell Harris bakes an announcement. He never was going anywhere, and everybody else fully expecting these to. Remember things i stated about Anzalone. I stated with Anzalone, “I think if he plays hanging around which means he’s returning. I believe if he doesn’t participate in the game, which means he’s departing.” In my experience you start speaking about agents etc. Now, in my experience, it’s if Anzalone plays hanging around there is a chance he will get hurt, so when he will get hurt that’s likely to, even when you’re healthy for that Combine, it’s likely to affect you being prepared for the Combine, and its individuals other activities.

S1 Right.

S2 That’s a problem. So, in my experience it’s, let’s find out if I’m able to go and perform some stuff used and perhaps provide an opportunity, however ,, yeah, I’m good. I will be great to complete the rest of the items that I have to do so far as lifting and running and training and doing everything to ready for that Combine. So, once Jim McElwain arrived on the scene and stated, “Alex Anzalone’s not playing,” i believe, I will write my story about Alex Anzalone departing, because this is where I believe it’s at at this time.

S1 Right. We’d type of heard that his father had spoken to him about this and anything else. We’d heard yesterday the sport that he’d been asked towards the Senior Bowl. Be interesting to determine how he goes about with this.

You appear at what’s gone in the team, and you take a look at what’s returning pick up. Hear me out, Nick, and that’s that what went down in the finish of year was devastating for that team, they lost a lot of guys, also it hurt them lower the stretch, however for pick up it may be an advantage. You appear at Vosean Frederick playing a great deal, Reese playing a great deal, Kylan playing a great deal, Chauncey playing a great deal, Marcell and Nick. Marcell playing his best ball of his Gator career, playing there. Jabari playing a great deal. Cece having the ability to play increasingly more. Taven Bryan.

Within the finish, I believe it’s an advantage that that happened. I’d have loved to determine that defense all year long lengthy. It was among the finest defenses in the united states. I believe we must reevaluate how lower they’re likely to be pick up.

S2 Florida, as a whole, will probably be losing lots of combined starts. So, you’re likely to be losing 184 career starts on defense. That’s, allow me to pull this support. That’s Marcus Maye, 32. Bryan Cox, 28. Jalen Tabor, 26. Quincy Wilson, 24. Jarrad Davis, 23. Caleb Brantley, 22. Joey Ivie, 16. Alex Anzalone, 10. So, immediately you have guys who you can look at as starters. You’re replacing eight starters, after which Daniel McMillian, not just a starter. He’d three starts, career. That’s a great deal to replace.

You are receiving back 78 starts on defense, and I’ll break that lower. Jordan Sherit, who definitely are getting back from ACL surgery. Nick Washington, Cece Jefferson, Marcell Harris. So, you’re searching at this already, and you have your two outdoors edge rushers in Jefferson and Sherit. We’ll see what they need related to Jefferson. Everyone knows, it had been extensively recorded about him playing more defensive tackle, but we had, that which was it? The Georgia game? Possibly even before that, where it had been a lot like, due to injuries you ultimately saw that Cece’s playing defensive finish, and located him. He’d been lost while defensive tackle. Found him. There in Washington and Harris you’ve your two safeties.

Duke Dawson, eight. Kylan Manley, six. Keivonnis Davis, five. Khairi Clark, David Reese, both four starts. Chauncey Gardner, Taven Bryan, Jabari Zuniga, the 3 starts, after which Chris Williamson and Vosean Frederick get one start each. I love the linebackers. I’m okay at safety. I do not think you’re elite, however i think you have lots of leadership and lots of experience back there. Love getting Duke Dawson and Chauncey Gardner back. You’re going to need to play a newcomer cornerback.

S1 I believe there’s several scenarios that will be regarded pick up. I believe both of us feel very good in saying that it’ll be Nick Washington and Marcell as the beginning safeties. We agree with that?

S2 Yeah. There’s discuss Chauncey Gardner returning there, however i think you have two seniors. Gardner performed well as he needed to back there, however i think he’s a nickel. I believe he could play outdoors cornerback too too. I believe you do not complicate things. Washington and Harris aren’t playing corner, if you possess a guy that may play corner, why can you say, “I’m likely to place you at safety, after which we now have to locate three corners.”

S1 Right. That’s what I’m saying. I believe the thing is, and I’m very frightened of this. I do not like Duke playing outdoors corner, but I’m sure that you’ll discover their whereabouts test Duke because the beginning corner complete opposite of Chauncey Gardner pick up. I’m frightened of that.

S2 You didn’t get help for, when it comes to early enrollees, so early in the year I believe absolutely that’s what you will see.

S1 Right. So, I believe it is exactly what you will see. I simply, I question how good that occurs, after which also you need to consider Quincy Litton is really a guy that we were both told the employees are through the roof on. They almost pulled his redshirt within the SEC Championship game, while he have been doing very well at corner. So, he’s another guy that may part of to experience. For me, perfect world, you’ve Duke playing inside, Litton and Chauncey as the corners. I understand that’s no training at corner, but perfect world I believe that’s what you look for.

I’m along with you at linebacker. Personally i think very, excellent by what they convey back, and you’ve got a man like Jeremiah Moon which i think will part of and play your outdoors linebacker, your Mike linebacker. He performed a great deal before she got hurt, and so i think you will see him play there. The greatest question mark is depth around the defensive line. You have the first enrollee, Kyrie Campbell, there, so you’ll hope he is doing well. Jordan Smith’s another guy, Clayton, individuals are guys at finish that you’re wishing bounces back and it has a great redshirt newcomer year, or perhaps in Clayton’s situation, sophomore year. You accept that?

S2 I do not think Clayton can redshirt though.

S1 No. I stated sophomore. I stated, “In Clayton’s situation a sophomore year.”

S2 Okay. I’m really likely to be interested to determine where Clayton is physically for spring ball, since you break your arm late at FSU. You break your arm. He’s youthful. It’s a rest it’ll most likely prepare yourself, but interesting to determine where he’ll be. Somebody that, we spoken about before, type of got lower on themself, got lower on his situation before. Almost a lot like a Jordan Scarlett, in which you are available in, and you have some fanfare behind you. You’re a large player. You’re most likely studying social networking, and they’re all suggesting how great you’re, after which your perception, and, out of the blue, why is that not converting towards the field? Then you definitely appear to rehearse, and also you type of mope around, and also you allow it to reach you, and it is not going to obtain to the field.

So, in my experience, I believe you may see, take a look at each one of these guys which are gone. Like I simply stated, 184 starts have left. You’ve got a opportunity to begin again a Jordan Sherit, or higher a Cece Jefferson. “Hey, Antonneous, should you play good enough, we’ve this person that may use and play more defensive tackle.” So, I believe you type of lay things to him and say, “Listen, are available in. Bust the sofa. You possess an chance here to become starter.” I believe that’s type of where he or she is.

S1 I actually do. I believe, and that i stated this to a person over the past weekend, and that’s I’d expect Clayton to possess the standard emergence that Jabari did, which was, have you seen, and i believe it can also be much better than Jabari. Jabari really was good at the outset of the entire year, and sort of faded late. I believe that that’s something we are able to really see from the Clayton. Clayton did, as he was hanging around, he did perform pretty much at occasions inside, and so i think you’re good there. I simply be worried about defensive tackle. You’re likely to most likely start Taven and Khairi Clark. You have Luke Ancrum inside a bit. Where else do you opt for depth there? That’s an issue.

To tell the truth along with you, I believe whenever you consider the starters I’m perfectly fine with everyone that’s beginning, except for cornerback, and it is not too I do not think they have the talent. It’s exactly that there’s lots of uncertainty there. Could it be a Quincy Litton that’s there? Could it be your boy, Williamson? Could it be perhaps a McArthur Burnett, that has redshirted? Who one thing is available in and plays that position? Outdoors of corner, Personally i think excellent. I believe the greatest question is going to be depth, and that’ll be considered a question that actually will not be clarified until summer time, when you are getting all of your newcomer in and find out which one of these simple freshmen we’re in a position to plug in to the two deep.

S2 Litton is, in my experience, searching at Litton, I’m searching in a guy who I believe should stick at safety, maybe.

S1 Maybe.

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