UEFA Open Disciplinary Proceedings Against Portugal and Belgium

UEFA Open Disciplinary Proceedings Against Portugal and Belgium

UEFA has opened up disciplinary proceedings against Portugal and Belgium within the wake of Thursday’s Euro 2016 quarterfinal in the Stade Velodrome in Marseille.

Portugal booked their ticket for that semifinals carrying out a hard-fought against win after place-kicks, however the match was damaged by a few occurrences.

A Portugal fan invaded the help out extra-time, the Belgium faithful needed to be contained by police and both teams of supporters also trigger fireworks.

UEFA has confirmed each side face disciplinary action following Thursday’s occasions.

The Polish Football Federation (PZPN) continues to be billed with “leaving of fireworks”, “crowd disturbances” and “late kick-off” following their unfortunate defeat after penalties.

The Portuguese Football Federation (PFP), meanwhile, continues to be billed with “field invasions by supporters” and “leaving of fireworks”.

The PFP formerly steered clear of punishment for any pitch invasion throughout their group-stage draw against Austria.

These cases is going to be worked with through the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body on This summer, 21.


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